Friday, October 2, 2009

More WebGL progress, now with video!

Since my last post I've managed to improve the demo. I've also consolidated a lot of the code and learned to love prototypal inheritance, it's great stuff. I've embedded both a video and the application itself. Hopefully you'll be able to see at least one. The demo can be controlled with click and drag to look around and WASD keys to move in absolute directions (not view dependent). As usual the code is available to see how its done. webglPage.js webglu.js

Demo and video after the jump.

The color banding visible is due to using a poor video codec to record the video, it is smooth in the live demo.

To view the demo you will need a browser with WebGL enabled, such as a Firefox nightly build

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  1. Thanks for the WebGL demos, they've been inspiring! I've just ported lesson 2 from the well-known NeHe OpenGL tutorials over to WebGL, and looking at how you had solved some of the problems made it all much clearer :-)

    All the best,