Friday, March 12, 2010

New Address

I've finally finagled the DNS settings for my domain to get a subdomain set up correctly. From now on the URL for this blog will be I'm also going to be updating more frequently, although not every post is going to be about WebGLU, just thought I'd give people a heads up there.

Monday, March 8, 2010

CrazyGLU is for the Boids

Hey you! Think WebGLU isn't up to snuff? Let me know why so I can improve it!

As I’ve done work on WebGLU I’ve implemented a variety of neat features, but in doing so a couple problems have arisen. The first is that I sometimes have something semi-working, but not entirely done. The second is that some features don’t really need to be loaded into every page. The solution, for now at least, is CrazyGLU, which is where I will put any experimental, incomplete, or niche features until such time it is appropriate to relocate them to WebGLU proper.